Maureen R. Libby, DMD, PLLC


Love this place. And DR. Maureen R Libby/and Staff are just the Greatest. She takes her time explaining what you need and what she s doing.

She is a major component in making this as pleasant of an experience as possible!!!

After a terrible experience of Inplants work and lots of money $$$. From a different dentist, Dr Libby
Accept me and fix the bad work done to me !

I can certainly recommend them and to anyone who needs good dental care!!

Juan Panzadi

I was terrified! I have been terrified for decades due to bad experiences and dentists who didn’t take my fears seriously or believe me about my oral hygiene.

Enter Dr. Libby

I will never be 100% comfortable with someone using machines in my mouth, but I am 100% comfortable with THIS person using machines in my mouth. She is amazing. She has put me at ease and helped me to attain a goal that I truly thought was forever out of my reach. I have beautiful teeth!

I have not been an easy patient. I walked into her office crying and telling her that I was never going to like her or trust her. I have bitten her (I was under at the time but I’m told I was not friendly). I have yelled at her staff (again… I was under). I have heard the words “I have never had this happen before“ on with in one occasion when something broke on expectedly. She has handled all of it with a smile (a beautiful one) and a gentleness of spirit unparalleled by any practitioner I have ever encountered. She is a gem and she is GOOD at what she does.

I could not be more pleased. We are still working to finish my case, but I have no question in my mind that she and her staff will continue to be the wonderful and helpful people they have proven to be so far.

Above and beyond doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Mykaila Nordberg

Dr. Libby was recommended to us by our family dentist for an issue my 86 year old mother was having with her dentures. She, as well as her staff were very attentive and patient with my mother, explained everything to her in detail, and fixed a problem my mother has had for many years in one visit. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

Amy Coston